Saturday, 13 June 2015

Titchfield - Greater Yellowlegs

The Greater Yellowlegs had been showing during the morning at Posbrook floods but there had been no recent news and a RBA rfi drew blank too! Things didn't look good and it was another mile or so of trudge down to the floods! The pace quickened however after hearing from birders leaving the site that it was still there and showing!!

The vast majority of the floods not easily viewable but as we reached the spot to view the southern end, it was one of those incredibly lucky moments 'Lucky Jim' seems to attract? It was there amongst a handful of Gulls. I could almost taste that second 'Tunnocks' waiting in the car :-) Here's Ian and Martin savouring the view!

Photography was tricky through the vegetation with 'record shot' quality having moved up a shade relative to Pagham!

Never mind the Godwits, the Yellowlegs seemed to prefer the company of Black-headed Gulls!

Striding away, it was about to be lost from view sadly!

The last and probably closest view.....

The long stout bill is the most striking feature relative to Lesser Yellowlegs, barring on the flanks, distinct streaking on the breast also clearly seen but the following image taken in New England (its May 2012 btw), speaks louder than words in the comparison stakes....

The hoped for two-tick day completed but had we left it too late for the Eastern Black-eared Wheatear another 25 miles away?? Was it to be a MEGA clean sweep??

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