Saturday, 27 June 2015

RAF Cosford - Vulcan fly through

I've got 100's of bird images I ought to be sorting, some from May in Scotland even. But I had to sort my latest 'shoot' while the moment is fresh in my mind. It's over 40 years since my first encounter with the subject matter....

Working at RAPRA next to RAF Shawbury, I was in an out building when one took off - I can recall tables, chairs, cups, literally dancing with vibration as an Avro Vulcan skimmed the roof! It was one of those moments (like earthquakes) you never (ever!) forget!

I just had to pay homage and farewell (if it really is) to XH558 and (taking a break from some very obliging Peregrines) here it is......

Designed to avert but capable of delivering armageddon, thankfully never in anger, there's only one appropriate accompaniment , courtesy of Sheffield's finest.....

If you really aren't interested in this iconic plane, fast forward to the last image and a 'near miss'?

The Northern route of the V-Force tour took in RAF Cosford. Due at 15.23, I'd staked out a likely viewpoint (cheers Dave!!)  - it was bang on time, a couple of minutes early even in the skies above!

I wasn't expecting much other than a fly through?

But some more prolonged entertainment was on the cards as it banked to reappear!

Heading straight towards me :-)


Then heading for the heavens, engines roaring!

Showing agility you couldn't imagine from such a mighty plane?

Then plummeting downwards......

Getting closer each time!

The final fly past was this cloooose! (for 700mm of reach!)

And I wasn't expecting this! A steep climb again...

And flip! wow!! Just a shame about the worst grey sky of the session!

Incredibly (this is the actual file - not a montage) as it departed to the east, the camera reverted to type and locked onto the swallow!

Does this qualify as a near miss?? You know I thoroughly enjoyed this break from Peregrine photography but they will be coming soon!

Farewell XH558 - we salute you......

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