Friday, 14 November 2014

Gosport - Common Gull

I'd planned an unusual route to Wiltshire where I was speaking on Saturday and staying with friends. The route took in Hampshire, where the intention was to nail one of the 'easiest' of year ticks?? I'd already sipped the Ring-billed Gull (twice) in the spring when my arrival there coincided with it's departure. And I was about to do it again!!

All I had to amuse myself whilst wandering around, sensing it would be on the boating lake before long, were a couple of Common Gulls. So - that's what you're gonna get!

The poor man's Ring billed :-)

Someone might ask me for a pic of one - one day??

I had a tight schedule with Blashford lakes to end the day and at 3.15 called it a day, dashing over to the Ringwood area and with scope only, in 'bird race' style ran to the perimeter fence at Kingfisher lake, jamming the Ferruginous duck (292). Then after a 5 minute drive to Ibsley, the Franklin's gull (293) came to the party viewed from a rammed Tern hide. Despite the fading light, it really did show well (albeit distantly) amongst the large number of Black-headed Gulls.....

I'd made the right decision with only moments to spare but guess what turned up at Gosport at 4.15!!! Yeah, I'll have to see if I can fit RBG in on Sunday?

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