Monday, 10 November 2014

Gorleston on sea - Desert Wheatear

With nothing 'new' for the year, I'd headed off to Lowestoft for another male Desert Wheatear only to find several birders leaving site after giving it's favoured spot a good grilling. Never mind eh? There was another just a few miles up the coast at Gorleston-on-sea and a few minutes later, I was wandering down the promenade....

Where, who should I meet? A small gallery engaging with a typically showy female Desert Wheatear on the sea wall.

It was pretty mobile and spent some time below the sea wall!

And on the beach - well it was probably longing for the sand?

A variety of perches had been provided by the council!

But inevitably it was back to the sea wall near to the 2nd or 3rd shelter along from the 'amusements'!

The only diversion from the upright stance was when it caught a tasty insect or two!

One or two tried to escape?

But escape was generally impossible!

After an hour or I decided to head back to North Norfolk and see what was happening....