Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Seeswood Pool - Night Heron

Seeswood Pool near Nuneaton is primarily a popular fishing pool. Indeed it was a fisherman who alerted locals to the funny looking Heron and now it has become somewhat popular with birders :-)

I arrived early afternoon with the Night Heron zzzzzzzing at the back of a tangled mass of branches and willow. Eventually it emerged from slumber to perch and pose!

I'd estimate it was a full 100m across the pool so out came the 2x converter which was stacked together with the 1.4x to give some acceptable record shots?

Presumably the Cheltenham bird? This disappeared on the 9th July with one reported at Bough Beech res between 13 - 16th July and this bird was first identified on the 21st....

At least (despite the distance) it was a little more obliging.....

Not a new bird for the year but wonder what's coming next.....

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