Sunday, 6 July 2014

Pittville Park - Night Heron

A day on the PC beckoned but I was 'on call' for a scarcity'? Guess what? The Night Heron was back in Pittville Park, Cheltenham during the morning! I was contemplating but...... 'In trees' and 'elusive' aren't the best indicators for getting in the car and driving 60 miles?

A 'showing well' at 15:00 hours clinched it for me and I was with the small gallery watching (almost immediately) lots of twigs!

And there tucked behind them - the Night Heron!

A cleaner angle!

Stretching out to catch a fish!

The final hour I was there saw the Heron retreat into even denser vegetation and there was literally just one spot (18" off the ground) where it could be seen! My poooooor back :-( Will i never learn?

Was it worth it for more record shots?

I reckon so, might as well get the best you can when the conditions are dire!

Just look at that eye, useful for nocturnal activities eh?

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