Monday, 25 November 2013

Whoopers - the Cound Eight

I took a record shot of the 'Cound Eight' the other day, they were all of  200m + distant however! Whilst checking out the top field at VP today, I noticed a large group of swans fly in and land on the fishing pool.....

Surprise surprise - guess who was amongst them?

Loosely sticking together.....

 But never in the same field of view!

Eventually, they were all together - at the far end of the pool!  A bit like watching racehorses jostle for the off, it was obvious what would happen next!

The're off!

Five of them seemed to be heading the field and matching each other wingbeat for wingbeat....

Nothing in it.....

Eventually they formed a normal flight line.....

Time to single individuals out?

Eventually against clear blue sky and calling!

Before banking and heading back to the fields!

Always a pleasure to watch!

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