Monday, 11 November 2013

Chelmarsh - Red-breasted Merganser

Just when you get to thinking the Shire is dead, something turns up..... Not just one but two decent birds at Chelmarsh reservoir and thanks to Martyn Owen for alerting me! I'm glad I was quick off the mark too as with the 'Hoorays' blasting as many pheasants as they could on the far bank, it wasn't exactly helpful to good birding!

A really dark drake Common Scoter was the most distant of the two birds and given the drizzle I must have been mad to get a record shot (or is it more of a silouette!)

With the rain easing,  I managed a record shot of the other 'turn up' - a Red-breasted Merganser!! Only my second one in  Shropshire and a devilishly tricky inland bird.

It didn't stay long however, gunshot is not a welcoming noise and it flew out at approx 10.30.  I'm blogging this several days later and assumeI was the last person to see it......

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