Friday, 5 July 2013

Whixall Moss - White faced Darter etc

I did say I wasn't going to do any more insect photography this year but with just one distant Hobby to show for a long walk around the Moss, I couldn't  resist a peek at some of the pools?

Almost immediately, a male White-faced Darter in view! With no macro lens, all these images were taken with the 500mm lens - quite a versatile piece of kit!!

Always nice when resting amongst an attractive backdrop!

When compared to a 'stick'.!

Quite a bit of competition for ownership of the stick!! The Four-spotted Chaser led the Darter a merry dance!

Meanwhile, down in the gloopy mud and slime, Azure Damselflies were busy....

Mating and laying eggs  :-)

I've got all the angles covered and with a talk coming up for the local RSPB group (Shirehall, Shrewsbury on Nov 21st) Some of these images may well make an appearance there?