Friday, 26 July 2013

Rudyard Res - Caspian Tern!!

It didn't look good, got the news about 3pm and realised the bird had been there for at least four hours. A Caspian Tern - they are normally off (and I know that to my cost from past experience) after a few minutes!! Nevertheless, I dashed to the car from a dreary Venus Pool - twitch was on..........

With Stoke snarled up in the usual Friday mayhem, I watched the eta time drift later and later but I was there by 4.30 and (first big mistake) legged it from the 'parking area'.

Never mind that I could have driven to the viewing spot - the Tern was still there!!! I think everyone took this shot on arrival!!


A wingflap to break the monotony!

Even an attempt to cough a pellet - so that's where all the shells came from :-)

Then off in search of fish......

The hunt/hover.......

Sometimes you lose :-(

But sometimes you win!

That huge bill comes in handy for fish of this size!

Now that's quite a mouthful!

Crop already bulging....

The first few flyback shots were into the light and lacking somewhat......

So with evening moving on after 7pm I relocated to the opposite back - what a difference!!

A final couple of flight shots against the fading blue sky!

What a fantastic 3 1/2 hours and the Caspian Tern bogey well and truly buried! Busy day on Saturday in prospect but I hope to retern on Sunday!