Sunday, 7 April 2013

Titterstone Clee - Ring Ouzels!

It's that time of year and despite the weather, nothing has interfered with Ring Ouzel movement - a tad late but in like clockwork and pretty good numbers too with counts into double figure birds! I personally saw five different individuals (4m/1f)  during a very pleasant morning on the south facing slopes below the buildings. I didn't exactly move far as they seemed to favour an area where I had staked out..... this is the nearest things got!

 Two in the frame!

And then there was one.....

As good as the day was going to produce!

A few Wheatear are now in - at least a dozen males and the ones I got close to were unringed!

A pair of Stonechat just below the car park by the roadside.

Plus quite a few Mipits