Sunday, 3 March 2013

Thetford - Otters!

While the Dipper was fun, I knew that Otters were a real possibility today? The possibility turned into a  reality :-)

It started with 'work' a free range Chicken takeaway  :-(

Sweet cuddly cute mammals?? Not so!! Just about as vicious a killing machine there is  - the chicken was probably dead before being dragged underwater, just to make sure.....

Then both Otter pups tucked into lunch.

Despite picking the darkest corner possible, this ended up quite an atmospheric shot!

Just like after a big Sunday lunch - it was time for 'rest'

40 winks and it was time for 'play'......

Not perfect by any means but this has to be one of the 'luckiest' shots of the day - it was like photographing dolphins except there were two of them and you hadn't a clue where they would (ever so briefly) break the surface!

A few more images from a really memorable session!

Just to remind you - those teeth bite as at least one wildlife presenter found out!!

A chicken a day does help you work, rest and play! That could be a good advertising slogan?

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