Monday, 6 February 2012

Highley - Waxwings!

Whilst gulls have been the order of birding for the past couple of
weeks, I needed a bit of Winter colour? This was hopefully going to be
provided by the six Waxwings reported in Highley the previous evening. I
was only going to have 30 mins or so on site and arrived in pretty
dismal conditions - white sky, mist and drizzle!

The Waxies were nowhere to be seen either and after a wasted walk
towards the town (where they had just been seen!) I staked out the berry
laden bushes adjacent to the main road. A few minutes later, their characteristic trilling announced arrival overhead followed by a
sort of 'red arrows' display!

Just a matter then of trying to coax a record shot or two out of the

White sky is the worst possible backdrop....

A little better amongst thye tangled branches of the berry trees..

Swalling berries....

Using that tongue to manipulate the berry.....

Down the hatch...

Record shots or not, nice to see them and the only opportunity Shropshire has had all winter!