Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Almost as elusive as the Yellowthroat?

A blog from Jim that is???

Apologies to the many visitors, really sorry folks - I've been tied up with plant activities / conferences / shows / talks - almost continuously for the past fortnight and I'm working up in Newcastle this week!

I actually hope to get out birding this coming weekend :-) Here's the one and only bird I've seen during that time and not a bad one at that - the Common Yellowthroat on the 18th February.

I was on show duty down in Caerleon (Newport) and nipped the few miles down the road mid afternoon. After 45 mins or so, I was lucky enought to be with the small group that refound it!

Awesome brief views within 15m at the base of the hedge! Sadly the full frontal shot went begging as the camera locked onto all the rubbish in the foreground!

So..... shamefuly, here it is (at least you can just about see it's a bird!)..... the blurry job with a hint of yellow throat and undertail peeking out!)

Prints available at discounted price :-)

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