Saturday, 16 July 2011

Quatford Wood - White Admirals

Two Black-tailed Godwits at VP were the highlight of a part morning session there. The sun was shining and with one or two more butterfly species on the local 'most wanted' list, I decided to check out Quatford Woods for another Shropshire first?

White Admiral are regularly reported here but never easy and it was only afgter an hour or so of walking that I got lucky! In a bit of a clearing, I spotted one elegantly gliding in front of me - they really are efficient in flight - a few flaps then glide glide glide.

I'll spare you the first two ore three tatty specimens as eventually I got a fairly fresh specimen... and it landed - right in front of me.....

This species really does spread it's wings well whilst feeding on nectar or basking!

A pleasing portrait feeding on a spray of brambles!

I soon realised the challenge was to get a decent image of the underwing, which is quite attractive! They do close their wings but only briefly so I chanced a shot from underneath whilst lying down! One slightly concerned walker asked me if I was alright - lol

The closed wing just had to be got though and I musty have spent thee best part of two hours trying. These two images - shot slightly into the sun with fill in flash will do the job though!

An atmospheric shot of my first Common Darter of the year!

And this bug which caught my eye is a Longhorn Beetle Strangalia maculata!

A quick check of Chelmarsh beckoned....