Thursday, 7 July 2011

Airport rescue mission

Berlin's Schonefeld airport has a covered walkway from the bahnhof and with an hour or so to kill, I spotted a couple of Butterflies trapped against the glass.....

The first, a Small Copper was easily rescued but there was an obvious 'Fritiilary' higher up! After a little clamber I let it go lower down - hmmm not one I recognised!!

The most striking feature was the lar ge silver patches on the underwing - which actually shone through to the upperwing!

After realising it wasn't a British native! But then checking out the 'migrant' section of my field guide, I realised what it was!

Crikey - Queen of Spain Fritillary - I doubt if I'll ever see one of them in the UK.....

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  1. Nice to see, I have never seen one of those :) and at least you could ID it!
    After my Greek island visits, I always have a folder of questions and it can take ages before I get answers. I am currently trying to establish the difference between Balkan and Greek Goldenring dragonflies and as for the differences between Keeled and Southern Skimmers!!!! Oh, and Graylings...we won't even go there!