Friday, 25 March 2011

Venus Pool - Lapwings united

I mentioned the Lapwings were up to their aerial tricks lately and with a few minutes to spare and good light - tried to keep up with them!

One is not too difficult....

Two are a different manner as they weave about, constantly changing direction!

Things got a little close for comfort - a definite near miss in aviation terms?

No, this isn't a long winged two-billed Lapwing but it might be those two stuck together?(and not by me I hasten to add!)

The male Gadwall cruising along nearby....

A longer than average bill helps to reach the depths of a Teasel head the other Goldfinches couldn't reach?

Off to Devon now for the South West alpine show. If the weather holds, I hope to stay down for the Sunday and check out the Cirl Buntings.....