Monday, 7 March 2011

South Ferriby - Roughing it!

A not too uncharacteristic detour on my way up to Cleveland saw me turn up at the mouth of the Humber, a small place called South Ferriby - home for much of the Winter for a Rough-legged Buzzard!

The only clue I had for the locality was the Brick Factory - well couldn't miss that!

And then, I spotted another unmissable sight - this had to be the bird! Long wings hovering Osprey fashion over the field by the road!! with a squeal of brakes, dust everywhere, I came to a halt in one of the lay-bys and hastily grabbed the camera out of the bag.....

A bit shaky I know but this was to be the moment of the day - if only I'd arrived a few minutes earlier?!

After the brief hover, it flew over to the fence around the factory waste land.....

Where it was to stay for much of the session - except it continuously further and further away! At least with every short flight I got another chance of catching the distinctive tail pattern!

Eventually after nearly three hours of waiting, it put in a brief appearance near the fence again, only to turn back and fly away - the last decent record shots of the day!

I made my way up to Yarm and some fantastic hospitality - birding was on the menu for the following day too.....