Sunday, 7 November 2010

Battle of the retail parks!

Today had a Waxwing 'feel' to it so after a late start I decided to have a trawl around the local (Shrewsbury) retail parks and Superstores. You may not be surprised at the results in the Shrewsbury Waxwing League.....

Sainsbury's - Waxwings 0 - Berries 10,000s - Potential VERY GOOD

Asda - Waxwings 0 - Berries 1,000s - Potential Good

Morrisons - Waxwings 0 - Berries 100s - Potential Medium

Aldi - Waxwings 0 - Berries 100's - Potential Medium

NB all Waxwing counts are approximate!

I never got to Tesco's as I had a text alert from Ian Grant, Pete Jordan had been shopping at Waitrose in Newport and achieved a Waxwing count of '1'.

25 minutes later I was watching my first Shropshire Waxwing of the year with Ian and another local birder! We were watching the bird from a comfortable distance when we ran into a problem.....

How do you stop Paul from trying to collect Waxwings in his lens hood or simulating a broad daylight firework display with his flash? Answers on a postcard to the Waxwing Defence League, please.....

The Waxwing didn't do much - just sat at the top of a tree.

Fanned it's tail on occasions.....

Then flew into a Rowan, ate a couple of berries then sat amongst the branches - it never came out again!

I went to move my car and got back to find..... the Waxwing had indeed come out but departed for alternative Retail Parks!!

There will undoubtedly be many more opportunities to come, but for now, in the Shropshire Waxie League, Waitrose leads the way!!