Thursday, 7 October 2010

Norfolk Day 1 - you should have been here yesterday!

What have Cattle Egret, Red-backed Shrike, Barred Warbler and Shore Lark all got in common? All dipped on day 1 – that’s what! It wasn’t the best of starts to a long weekend! March Farmers for the Cattle Egret was a ‘first’ visit and three Common Cranes provided some overhead flight interest, and that was just about it.

The obliging Cromer Red-backed Shrike was anything but – it had undoubtedly gone - no further reports came out subsequently.

The Cramborough Hill Barred Warbler had probably gone anyway but a check of the area was pretty uneventful, a beach/sea wall yomp failed to deliver Shore Lsrk too.

A late evening Barn Owl just about the only entertainment off the nearby ‘Iron road’.

Just need a little bit of luck......