Sunday, 6 December 2009

Beachley - Pom Skua (part two)

This very obliging Pomarine Skua has been present for several days, kept interested and well fed by a rotted sheep carcass (bottom left below). I reckon it's definitely past the sell by date and following a twice daily saline rinse, there was surely nothing nutritious left!

What's Jim got his eye on then?

The Pom with it's eye on alternative sustenance - fresh fish!!

That bill is a perfectly designed instrument for opening up 'bodies' - effectively, a can opener and within moments, it was 'tuck in' time.....

Get stuck in then - the tastiest bit is towards the tail!

Having had your head in and out of a fish's body cavity for 30 mins or so - what next? A wash and freshen up of course......

A quick flap and.... clean as a whistle!

The Pom then drifted downstream on the now rapidly ebbing tide before eventually flying back and foraging about on the beach upstream - it was still there at dusk....

Quite a day then and with the liklihood of witnessing such a spectacle again pretty remote - certainly one to remember! (The Glossy Ibis bonus too.....)

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