Sunday, 6 December 2009

Beachley - Pom Skua (part one)

It was now Midday and with the picturesque view of the old Severn bridge as a backdrop, we made our way along the very muddy estuary bank, wellies an obligatory accessory here!

There were only a few birders on site - the area around a small reed bed, 200m downstream of the access path had been the holding ground for the Pom. We were immediately onto it - and what a sight - Pomarine Skua sat within 30m on top of a raised grassy bank. Excuse the grass (which actually adds to the 'natural effect' doesn't it!!)

It didn't do much for the first hour, except doze, look up, doze and then occasionally yawn. Have you ever wondered what the inside of a Pom Skuas mouth looks like?

No, thought you hadn't! Just look at that folded, stretchy lining - ideal for those larger tasty morsels to slip through!!

Wait a minute - activity - a wingflap!!

At last, I had waited for this for ages with finger poised, the sun had now gone in but what a fantastic moment - Pom Skua flying in front of me within 50m!! Spoon still just about intact but look at the state of that worn plumage though - desperately in need of some new primaries!

Do birding moments get any better?? I'll probably claim they do at some point in time but for now - Pom Skua flying majestically in front of me, is at the top of the pile!

There's more to come in part two! Something fishy going down.......

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