Saturday, 7 November 2009

Wrekin - on fire!!

Met up with Andy today to have a hunt for the Wrekin Firecrest. He had seen it previously up the main track from the car park and as this was a sensible place to start, we gave it about 20 mins..... no sign!

Onwards and upwards then, we walked up to the cafe with a couple of mixed Tit flocks, plenty of Thrushes and a flyover Crossbill to show for our efforts and just a single picture of a Goldcrest to justify lugging the kit up there....

Lady luck was certainly with us well over an hour later, at the very spot we started at. Within seconds we had the Firecrest in our sights!! No chance of a picture amongst the mass of foliage however! It showed twice briefly before disappearing for good...

One big Brunchfast later (thanks to Jan) we checked out the Gulls at Priorslee lake - plenty of Lesser black-backed Gulls, a few Herring Gulls and pictured here, a single adult Yellow-legged Gull.

Venus Pool was still very quiet mid afternoon - a couple of pairs of Gadwall fresh in this morning plus the obliging male Kestrel!