Sunday, 1 November 2009

Venus Pool - Kestrel Pair

A pretty unproductive day with a couple of hours spent at VP! Decent flock of c300 Golden Plover over again, female Pintail, large numbers of Teal(66) and a Green Sandpiper but not a lot else! After departing - what should turn up for Andy late morning? A 1st winter Med Gull and despite dashing back at midday - there was no sign!

Never mind, I gave it another couple of hours to see if anything dropped in? Nothing did, apart from a male Kestrel in the nearby Trees....

That was it I thought, as it flew off?

Only to ponce on something unseen on the ground - a huge leatherjacket like grub!

The next development was another surprise - I saw the male duck as a female flew in - landing on an adjacent branch!

What a sight - the male calling softly to the female as they sat there for several minutes. A couple of representative shots - not much variety as they sat swaying on the breeze!

Plenty of common birds being very obliging this weekend but where's the next rarity coming from.....