Sunday, 14 June 2009

South Shropshire - raptor weekend!

I'm shattered as I write - a female Nightjar was successfully ticked on successive (Fri / Sat) evenings - flying about on territory and down to 10m in the South of the County - fantastic views, together with Woodcock! I need a nightsight camera for this sort of action though! Given the sensitive nature of some of the species involved, some sensible economy of 'whereabouts' too!

A relative absence of images from this weekend considering the number of hours spent in the field. I'm not disappointed though, it was good birds here and there to keep the enthusiasm going - with the emphasis on Raptors.

Seven species of raptor were seen on Saturday (with more repeats on Sunday) but I never got the object of my quest..... I can moan as much as anyone when 'nowts about' but Common Buzzard(loads), Kestrel....

Sparrowhawk, Red Kite, Peregrine....

Hobby and at least three Goshawk point to relative success?

Grasshopper Warblers continue to feature on the Longmynd and a cruise (not a single Merlin) followed by a rather squelchy remote tramp of the area with Yvonne on Saturday witnessed an amazing three birds seen! Checking the same sites out on Sunday, only one bird was reeling then!

Little chance of migrants locally now but I'm hoping for a Norfolk visit next weekend......

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