Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Stiperstones - Willow Wobbler

Catching up with images I finally got round to sorting those from a quick session on the Stiperstones last Saturday. I came across several Willow Warblers including one particularly engaging pair....

They were quite obliging for the camera, some of the nicest portraits I've captured of this common bird.

But then, they became even more engaging! The presumed male decided to impress his mate with a brief wing-flap display. Stood upright and waving his wing (arms??) - such cute images!! Do they make you smile??

Whether this is all down to anthropomorphism (how's that for new word of the day!) Assuming they appeal to you too - it's when creatures indulge in 'human like' activity?

I've said it before, common birds are well worth watching sometimes, they may just do something 'uncommon'!