Thursday, 14 May 2009

East Yorks - Terns and Bonxie

I had to suffer the frustration of being up North accompanying Gemma with swimming committments whilst Shropshire enjoyed a 48 hour spell of decent birds!

Managed just one escape from my Sheffield Hotel and picked the one day that week that Spurn failed to supply a decent bird or two!

At least there was a year tick here - courtesy of one or two Little Terns near the hide at Beacon Lagoon

Is that ALL you could manage!!!

Hearing news of Black Terns and a Great Skua at Southfield reservoir (which just happened to be on my way back!) with half an hour or so to spare, it was worth a try!

No-one else was there initially and it didn't take long to find the Bonxie - the bulky frame obvious on the central embankment...

A brief flight closer.....

Then a retreat into the grass for a nap!

I counted at least seven Black Terns present plus a few Common Tern - all too distant though - and I had to get back! At least the day ended on a 'plus'......