Sunday, 4 January 2009

Jim's gone to Iceland!

Having found this first local White Winger of the year in pretty atrocious light conditions, I was anxious to get some shots for record!

Jason fancied seeing it too, so we set off to Priorslee, hoping this second winter Iceland Gull would return? Fingers were crossed and plenty of layers were donned - it was rather cold out there!

What should greet us - none other than the bird in question with a decent gathering of Herring and Lesser Black backed Gulls plus at least 20 Great Black backed Gulls on show. There was no sign of the Caspian Gull - a few of the Herring Gulls are now sporting 'white heads' - despite a 'claim' of one on arrival, no convincing Gull was seen.

There was certainly not a lot of activity from this individual....

A quick drink....

Than a walk around...

Before going to sleep!

I missed it fly off too, as I was getting some feeling back into my feet with the car heater on!!