Thursday, 8 January 2009

BIRDGUIDES Photo of the Year 2008 - Running up nicely!

Well, Jim is over the moon after seeing the Photo of the year 2008 verdict on BIRDGUIDES today. After drooling over the winning entry (congratulations Dean!!) I realised I had TWO pictures in the 'runners up' frame - wow, blown away or what!!

Just in case you haven't seen the images which caught the judges eye? My Holkham Hobby encounter will now evoke even happier memories!!

Plus, as I've learnt - 'never ignore the ordinary bird' such as this Cormorant - you might just be lucky enough to freeze an extraordinary moment in time.....

And if you want to admire the other images which contributed to the BIRDGUIDES Picture of the Year final selections, click here

Now, it's all about a New Year, new birds, new images and attempting to see if I can capture something special yet again. Requests for talks are rolling in - if you have links with a Bird/Nature/Photography group and are interested, check out the information on the right side of this page and contact me for further details.

Thanks for looking.....