Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Hereford - Berried Treasure!

Waxwings - fantastic birds and always wonderful photo opportunities! Maybe if they are here all Winter long I might tire of them. For now though, they are totally unmissable!!

The treasure? An ornamental Sorbus tree on an estate in Hereford and its magnificent crop of white berries which is creating quite a bit of attention!

It was attracting a small flock of 10 - 12 birds daily. I had three objectives.....

The white berry pose....

The plucked Berry....

The berry toss! (The first one reminds me of a performing seal!)

And of course - got to have a go to catch them in flight?? Oh does that make four??

What next? Yellow berry shots maybe - if they return to the Market Drayton, Rowan Road tree???

For now though - how about that male Black Redstart - at the Cathedral!