Saturday, 27 December 2008

Chase for a Hawfinch?

Cannock Chase that is - but I will catch up with one in Shropshire (one day??) A bitterly cold and gloomy day didn't inspire me to wander around Shropshire chasing an unreachable target. So, with the chance of a Staffs Hawfinch - a short drive beckoned.

Coppice Hill on Cannock Chase is a big place but locals have fed birds here, near the car park for years. No need to wander then! Patience was severely tested however with a long wait and much disturbance from cars, dogs, bikes, horses, walkers....

The time was killed watching one or two of the local residents?

I guess birds adapt to the pickings available and there was the quite astonishing sight of a small flock of Long tailed Tits feasting on rather unusual fare - yes - it is a piece of bread!!

Male Bullfinches are always attractive subjects.....

Eventually, the main attraction put in an appearance (such a shame a branch was in the way!)

The only opportunity from nearly six hours of patient waiting - a short mid morning spell of ground based feeding.

What a bill, what a bird, what an end to the year!!

Of course, there was other wildlife there too to break the boredom!