Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Venus Pool - Warbling along...

A gorgeous sunny evening at Venus Pool and with birds in song all over the reserve, I chose to walk the hedgerows - we have Warbler movement!

First birds seen were a couple of male Blackcaps. These were busy picking up small insects within the depths of the hedgerow but every now and then showing well.

A Lesser Whitethroat, first picked up at lunchtime by Rob Stokes was also showing well and singing. Showing well from a birding point of view and trying to get a decent picture are two different matters of course. Managed a few pics without too many branches and leaves being in the way!

Over in front of the far hide, a Sedge Warbler was singing and occasionally flitting up the marginal reeds. With Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler also on view here, it certainly made it a decent Warbler session.

The Barn Owl was out on a pre-dusk sorte but gave up in the end after being mobbed by Rooks, dipping into the hedgerow and staying there.....