Friday, 4 April 2008

Venus Pool - feeling frisky

Let's start at the end of a decent Friday afternoon! Venus Pool, the sun had just come out and there were five buzzards playing/courting on a thermal in from of the main hide......

There were now FOUR Little Ringed Plovers and there was a bit of showmanship in progress to see who gets the girl?

A Great-crested Grebe with the sun catching quite nicely and showing off his swimming tackle!

Finally, back to the start! I was on my way to Titterstone Clee and in the Craven arms area - yet another Shropshire Red Kite! An emergency stop and it was camera at the ready in seconds (shame about the dodgy light and exposure). This was clearly different to the Clunton bird (a pristine stunner) - beginning to look distinctly scruffy and at least in need of new tail feathers! Note the small stick being carried - always a very welsome, positive sign with a Shropshire bird!!!!