Monday, 7 January 2008

Norfolk Day 3 - Cley White-crowned finale

The day started at Salthouse again - attempts to capture Snow Buntings in flight. Forget about a long lens, these were close enought to be taken with the standard kit lens......

A stop at Cley where a brief visit saw three Marsh Harriers in action: male, female and a juvenile.

The weekend was ending with a 'quiet' Sunday, or so I thought and I was making my way along the coast (at Thornham actually) when news broke of a White-crowned Sparrow at Cley. Now, having been in the area all morning, this was quite frustrating/stressful but really fantastic news. I only had 20 miles or so to go......

With all the Sunday drivers wondering what the fuss was, I was back at Cley in 30 mins (quite an achievement I can tell you). I got parked and made my way to the site and crowd which was for such a mega - relatively small. Just as well, as there was only a limited amount of space to view up the drive where it occasionally ventured out (from the right hand side) to feed. A bird of this standing could have caused quite a bit of mayhem but this was an amazingly good natured gathering! I met at least a couple of birding friends and made others during the scrum!

Given the location and shooting through a gate, I'm more than happy with these record shots. I was just so relieved to see it through the bins initially, for once I wouldn't have minded not getting a shot of it!

An adult and a real stonker - just about as good a bird you could wish to see - I'd probably say that about any mega though....

Hope everyone got it!!

Even this female House Sparrow looked good in such illustrious company!! There was also a Brambling too.