Sunday, 13 January 2008

Monkmoor - Ring-necked sleepyhead

Post Norfolk blues - hadn't been anywhere near a bird all week and the weekend was fully booked for other things until.....

A return of the Ring-necked Duck to Monkmoor, a kind offer from Geoff Holmes to open Fort Knox and a late start for Jim's Uni taxi service conspired to get me out for an hour after a decent bird!

Same bird, same attitude - asleep or just lazing there - pretending to be asleep. Than a bit of a stretch, preen and yawn.....

and circuit around the island - some wideawake views (in the gloom)! I haven't got a key, so pics in decent light are unlikely - fill your boots Paul!

No light, no shutter speed, this one's for Jase - is it art or just a plain crap picture??