Thursday, 6 May 2021

Llanymynech Rocks - Skippers and co

 A second visit of the year to Llanymynech rocks and after a slow start, the Skippers kept a coming..

Grizzled Skippers with some beginning to display wear and tear.

And I'll have to settle for the most inaccessible one amongst the rocks as a favourite!

Dingy Skippers were once again the most plentiful and generally in better condition!

Remember you are NOT a moth!

A couple of stunners!

This female Large-red Damselfly (fulvipes) crept into the viewfinder, wonder where she hatched?

An 'old lady' shall we say, female Orange Tip!

But many of the males still looked dapper!

There was also a fresh hatch of Small Coppers which I will blog separately as there was an interesting aberrant form to enjoy...