Monday, 22 April 2019

Longmynd - Emperor Moths!!

A planned trip to the Longmynd and Bridges with Dave Chapman turned up trumps and not for the birds, this time it was a rather exciting Moth. I'd never photographed Emperor Moths before but there were plenty of fast flying males from the moment we wandered from the road. We must have seen dozens! Was this a fresh hatch? They were constantly on the move but one or two were located on the ground... they were all pristine!

A few were located on the ground, here's the habitat...

The first obliging male was quite pale coloured.

Needed to get down close for a close up the feathery antennae, aren't they amazing?

The colours seem quite variable and this final brightly coloured individual had scarlet inner wing margins - what a stunner!

Eventually opening its wings...

Watch out Hawkmoths, I may have found a new favourite?