Friday, 26 May 2017

Scotland - Black-throated Divers!!

I've been waiting nearly 10 years for these images!! Ever since my first trip to Speyside, the Black-throated Divers at Lochindorb became a must see! They are usually out in the middle (miles away) and at this time of year, the female is sitting or with young but the pair were out together in the small bay by the Lodge. I caught sight of them and screeched to a halt!

Stunning birds whichever way you look at them!

And constantly checking out for fish...

I was sat quietly in the car as they drifted even closer!

The light wasn't perfect, cluding up but I wasn't complaining too loud...

Just love the head on opportunities!

But they weren't to last as they dived and then gradually drifted away.

A couple of favourites to close on. Eye to eye contact and, droplets...

A magic moment indeed which probably wont happen again in a hurry, if ever?!!