Friday, 29 April 2016

Lower Bruckland Pools - Hoopoe

I had a feeling of 'deja vu' on arrival at Lower Bruckland Ponds near Seaton (Devon) - it was where, travelling through one evening,  I tried (unsuccessfully) to see Alpine Swift a few years ago! No such problems today, the Hoopoe was showing well on arrival!

Two for the price of one with an obliging wing spread and crest display!

The first few images gave little chance for variety, although the clean background was appreciated here!

 Coming ever closer....

All the time looking for and probing in the turf for leatherjackets!

Yes.... that will do nicely but now more distant again!

A selection of tosses....

What a lovely tasty morsel :-)


A final three posed images.....

Cloud cover for once gave a less contrasting image!

Hoopoes - whilst I've done this several times before on the blog, it's difficult to tire of seeing this iconic visitor :-)