Friday, 25 March 2016

Venus Pool - Mute Swans

It's hard to think of a day recently when there aren't up to 40 odd of these around and so unless there's a yellow bill to be seen, they just get ignored!

No end of flight or landing shots to be had. And a crash dive for the Shovelers!

Looks like an underwater mission has been launched for survivors?

After every preen, you can sure of a wing flap?

Or even better a wash and brush up?

Not every shot works!

But sometimes they do?

Now wait a minute.... Surely not..... I'm not about to photograph a COOT!!?

Well, I was photographing this distressed fly on the water when it came along - honest!

Why shouldn't you photograph a Coot doing something interesting??

What's next......Ahhh, my daughter Gemma's favourite bird :-)

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