Monday, 21 December 2015

Venus Pool - Christmas travellers

Not a lot happening at Venus Pool apart from the impressive duck presence: 172 Teal , 96 Wigeon, 24 Shoveler, 10 Pintail, 2 Gadwall, 2 Shelduck and 2 female Goldeneye.....

There were two Canada Geese - snoozing and not mingling with the regular locals. I could see they were sporting darvic rings and just to prove these things 'work' you could read the letters from nearly every angle!

So, where have CAVP (how appropriate) and CATL come from.....

They are part of a project in the lake district and were ringed at Lake Windermere whilst in moult 178 days ago! And they have flown 197km to spend some time in Shropshire! It's an interesting project, raising lots of questions: How long they will stay? Are there others here? Where do others go? Will they return to Windermere (for the tourist handouts) ?
They are not everyone's favourite bird although thee was a huge outcry which stopped the intended cull in 2012.  I had assumed the feral flocks stayed faithful to one general area but these two are clearly serious travellers!

So, don't ignore the geese and while checking though them all, Greylags 'n all - you might even pick up a Barnacle, White-front, Pink-foot or Bean!

Read more about it here..... Goose ringing in lake district

And if you spot one here's a quick link to report colour ringed birds! Link to BTO colour rings return

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