Monday, 27 April 2015

Wood Lane - Barwit!!

No UK list this year and I'm not going for a big Shropshire list... But that doesn't mean a good wader gets ignored? Bar-tailed Godwit is pretty tricky in the shire, just about one annually  'somewhere'.
The 'somewhere' in 2015 seems to be Wood Lane again where it eventually surfaced as 'news' - morphing over a three day period  from Blackwit to Barwit (according to the hide book)

It was also pretty elusive, never straying onto the nearby scrape so excuse a glut of record shots - which is what this blog seems to be about just lately!

Resplendent in summer plumage!

And constantly flicking about some 100m distant...

Picking up a tasty morsel or two....

And generally getting ignored by the Black-headed mob.

I didn't even reach for my Ear-defenders - a good wader makes for a soothing experience.....