Friday, 27 February 2015

Venus Pool - Hen Harrier

I've been mega busy with talks and non-birding activities this month but got myself spurred into action when I realised the ringtail Hen Harrier at VP was not just a flukey flyover. Arriving early afternoon, it wasn't long before it was seen but took quite a while to get some record shots....

They did come eventually!

When it was in view, always pretty mobile!

Sometimes landing, seemingly observing the 100+ Yellowhammer, Reed Buntings plus a couple of Corn Buntings feeding on the seed amongst the spent crop.

The following sequence is not good news if you are a small passerine trapped in the endless tangle of stems!

A succession of hops and pounces.....

Culminated in this Reed Bunting (if you look closely) being plucked out by the the right talon.....

The Harrier then flew off for its late afternoon snack!

There's life (and death) in the old patch yet! With more time now becoming available, I might just be putting a few hours in and with a few good birds under my belt - that VP year list may just become the target for 2015? 

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