Monday, 13 October 2014

Lower Moors Memorial Garden - Red-breasted Flycatcher

A blank walk along the coast from Hugh Town and a negative Red-breasted Fly (I was ill-advised to leave) didn't bode well for the day. I was watching couple of Jack Snipe bobbing about at Lower Moors from the hide when I recognised a familiar voice on the radio. Richard Powell was reporting the Red-breasted Flycatcher, back in the favoured area of the memorial garden! I was on my way out of the hide before he'd finished speaking....

It didn't take long to see and tick the bird (for 278) but getting some images took a while longer!

Here's the pick of the bunch :-)

Catching the sun!

Briefly perched in the gloom.....

One opportunity free of obstructions!

That's the last but one of my Scilly 'bankers'. Where's a Lapland Bunting!!!

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