Friday, 29 August 2014

Splatt bridge - Marsh Sandpiper

I couldn't get down for this the previous day but once it was confirmed still present, the M5 beckoned for hopefully my second Marsh Sandpiper (259).... It was also my THIRD visit to Splatt Bridge near Frampton on Severn in the past month....  I'd called there dipping Cattle Egret twice on my journey to and from Penzance recently.....

I wasn't going to dip this one though! I managed to park up and having walked up the canal with my scope and got reasonable views, I went back to the car to get the camera gear - I hate leaving without so much as a record shot!

Here's the big problem though! The strip of water some 150m + distant was where the Marsh Sand was associating with a mixed flock of Ruff and Greenshank.

There was only one thing for it - stacked (2x + 1.4x) converters yet again and record shots once again!

Dwarfed by this male Ruff....

And of course even more so by a Greenshank!

So far as individual shots were concerned, there were a couple of 'keepers' from a huge amount of swiftly deleted files!

There were plenty of opportunities for flight, not easy when manual focussing with so shallow depth of field!

I'll settle for this one which will even make the 'identity crisis' talk!

How can these two be mixed up?

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