Saturday, 21 September 2013

Leiston - Lesser Grey Shrike

A Shrike a day....... Eases the angst of trying to find venues from vague grid references! After using a bit of common sense and heading for Sizewell from Leiston, I chanced upon a few parked cars and this distant but showy Lesser Grey Shrike :-)

The rest was easy, with a short walk past cottages to the paddocks where this little fella was waiting! Chewing on a cranefly here!

Then showing that large white wing patch on take off....

Eventually, it came closer but never close enough?

Although if asked,  I'd have  settled for this one in advance :-)

Ever nearer but on wires and never sticking for long!

Eyeing up the local insects!

Then one last sit up pose before disappearing further away early afternoon...

Eventually, the closest it came and whilst all still record shot quality, job done......

A Rose-coloured Starling to break the journey back to Norfolk?