Saturday, 8 December 2012

Sundorne - Waxies part 1

I was heading to Featherbed Lane late morning to check out proceedings on the Waxwing front, I never got there.......

Passing the Coracle pub on Sundorne Road, I noticed a large flock of them in the air and they landed right beside the car :-) I figured it might be a good idea to park up?

Setting the scene....

You can only take so many 'berry' shots and I was after something 'different' today so quite a bit of the next few hours was spent with the small (up to 130mm) zoom lens.

Zooming out, here they come on a couple of feeding freenzy occasions!

The greater depth of field means more birds remain in focus!

 At one stage there were up to 50 bird descending on this young Sorbus! A veritable feeding frenzy....

This would make a cool jigsaw?

After a minute or so, the mass exodus.....

Giving an opportunity for multiple birds in flight!

I've got to check through a few 'berry shots' now but jumping the gun on the attraction at Featherbed Lane, there was liquid sustenance readily available!

I did actually make it there in the end...... Berries and drinkies next :-)