Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Mull - White tailed Eagle fishing!

A back injury has kept me out of circulation for over a week but I managed a relocation to Mull for convalescence :-) Luckily, the 300mm lens was more than enough for a boat trip encounter with White-tailed Eagles.

Mull Charters offer a unique opportunity to see them at close quarters from a boat, a fee meal never goes begging where lazy raptors are concerned!

The pressure is on to get things right - the most difficult being to ensure the wings weren't clipped by frame filling  'flying barn doors'!

After circling for a while, the Eagle gradually loses height......

Making fro some interesting banking manouvres!

With white sky being a huge problem it was quite a relief to see nearby hills give a much more pleasing backdrop....

Lower and lower with the green of the hills doing it's stuff!

And now - you can tell be the appearance of the water - very low indeed!

Level flight is achieved just above the water surface

And the talons creep forward

Getting ready to grasp

With a splash!

Then off to consume lunch.....

It was over in seconds and whilst most of my view was through the camera viewfinder - an absolutely amazing experience. Memo to self - a 200mm lens might make life easier next time!! Oh and another memo - bad backs and boats don't exactly go together well!