Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cley Marshes - Pacific Golden Plover

Fancy the PGP Jim? Oh dear, Ron Kinrade putting temptation in my path and one again it was only polite to say 'yes'! Bit of a trek though but after confirming it was still there, we were on site at about 11.30.

And so was the Pacific Golden Plover! Irritatingly, right at the far left hand corner of the North scrape :-( where it stayed for much of the day! At 4.00pm I staked out the Eye field and pool (where Andy Latham had seen it 'cripplingly' the previous day) You can probably guess what's coming - at about 4.15 I got a text from Ron - get back here now........

I did, after sprinting with my gear across the shingle and whilst it was still fairly distant in the North scrape scheme of things - it was 'close'! So I got my record shots :-)

Even a sort of reflection image!

Stacking the 1.4 + 2x converters got me a little nearer.....

The closed wing was hiding the upper part of the flanks and I waited ages for a wingflap, I got one eventually and the white on the upper flank was easily seen!

Flight shots too - toes projecting .....

There were cracking views of Spoonbill as well to be had later afternoon!