Sunday, 18 March 2012

Venus Pool - Portrait of a Curlew

A day's birding beckoned and I opted to stay local with Venus Pool my first port of call hoping for more passage. The only brief flurry of excitement was a small wader flying in at 11.00 and then skulking behind one of the new islands! It eventually revealed itself - a Ringed Plover

Not a lot else happened and I had to content myself with the activities of one of the local Curlews - flying in....

And landing not far away......

Interesting watching a Curlew drink - a little bit must go down the hatch but most of the water trickles back out!


Curlews can swim of course!

And they keep themselves impeccably clean .

A quick flap dry before doing a disappearing act.

Nothing else doing, it was time to head South - if all went to plan I would have Goshawk and Firecrest on my yearlist?